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The aims of the UKDDF

The UKDDF aims to make dance and performing arts available to everyone in the community. To bring together people from different backgrounds and social environments to experience the benefits that it has to offer. To help pupils to achieve a sound understanding of the subject and, in doing so, prove that dance is for everyone.
Focusing on bringing an understanding to children and young people which they can take into adulthood, the Federation seeks to encourage personal and creative development, whilst building confidence, communication skills ans social awareness. All this while gaining knowledge and skills in the art form of dance and performing arts.
We believe in encouraging and promoting a healthy lifestyle, now and for the future. Dance is not just for those who exceptionally talented, it should be for people of all abilities and can be used on many different levels. Those who participate once a week and those striving to pursue dance and the performing arts as a career path all benefit from our syllabus.
The UKDDF has a modern approach to teaching while maintaining a high standard and professional values, while always operating an equal opportunities policy. It aims to promote the knowledge of dance to the general public, and maintian and improve teaching standards through our syllabus and training.
The Federation is open to all professional teachers of dance and the performing arts. We welcome teachers from other organisations. Professional dancers and those who have studied dance/performing arts to degree level. The Federation also offers flexible teaching programmes, depending on experience and previous qualifications.
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