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Dance Teacher Training

The UKDDF offers several routes to becoming a dance teacher and full member of the federation.

We accept that people follow  different paths towards this rewarding career choice. Some people know from an early age that they wish to teach and are driven towards this goal through taking classes as a child/teens, perhaps   progressing through the grades, then on to take teaching certificates.

Others may choose to go to a performing arts college or university before starting a teaching career. Some perform professionally and then choose to share their  knowledge with others. Then we have those who have always loved dance and have always had performing arts feature in their lives but for one reason and another life has taken them on a different journey, prehaps another career or starting a family.

What ever your route the UKDDF can help you to train and work towards establishing your dance school or to help it grow and develop.

We are currently running a pilot for students at Bedfordshire University, with the Careers Department, so if you are a student or graduate interested in teaching dance please get in touch.

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